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Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Style

We have enjoyed watching the Olympics... I admit that I know nothing about these wonderful athletes. They spend their lives for these few moments of competition. We follow them like they are our neighbors and friends.
I really know nothing about ice dancing or curling... but I do know Style! And these Olympians have style.
They were absolutely the best dressed at the opening ceremonies.
The snowboarders are staying true to their own.

The flash of red white and blue
Doesn't it just make y'all proud?


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Love the way you captured the "style" of the Oympics.


The Old White Barn said...

You gotta love 'em! It takes guts to get out there and do what they do - and even more to do it with some of the looks they choose to compete in!

nanny said...

Yes, yes, makes me proud!!!!

Dar said...

Absolutely....It certainly does make me proud...our colorful representatives have served us well.
God Bless America

Tanna said...

YES! It does make me proud. And, I love the different styles for the different sports!

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