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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I need your opinion~

I got this email from my niece
To: sandi The Split Pea Cottage has left a new comment on your post "Buffalo wings~ skinny style":
What happened to the recipe list on the right hand side!?! That was my motivation at night for dinner!

I have kept the list of all my recipes on the side bar. Almost 4 years of recipes and the list was really out of control. I debated... and decided to delete those lists. Instead I added the labels to the right.

Now I am catching some flack from my niece, as well as friends and other bloggers. Apparently they relied on that quick click for ideas more than I realized. I don't want to be blamed for quiet kitchens, missed meals, and empty cookie jars.
So now I need your opinion. Do I put the list back? or just expect y'all to know what your looking for and find it?
This is your chance.
Y'all speak now~ or forever loose your piece.


Mari said...

Can you put a link that leads to the recipes? I know, it's hard to keep your columns under control. I've taken a few things off mine lately too. Good luck with this decision!

Cora said...

I say....whatever works best for your blog. We can hopefully find the recipe or e-mail you and ask.
You may want to display your e-mail address for easy finding...just an idea.

BTW pay me a visit..I have something I want you to read! :)
Thanks Sandi and have a great evening.

Tanna said...

Sandi, I like the recipes on the side... but, I'm thinking that the labels will work too! Fix it however you like it and we will, too!

Chef E said...

I know it is hard to keep it all clean and slim on these things, so sometimes I give details in my posts, maybe a recipe, or just say email me and I will send many decisions!

Try not to let emails get to you, it took me so long to get passed mean comments and emails, and we have to go on...

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Mari~ I can put links to recipes, that is kind of what I'd had before... starters, suppers, veggies~ like that
Cora~ Ohhh... I'll be right over.
Noni~ That's a vote for the recipes.
E~ I didn't mean that this was a nasty comment. I LOVED IT! It made me feel bad to think poor Doug was going without dinner.

Anonymous said...

nice picture

nanny said...

Just don't keep your recipes from me!!!ha

Jerry said...

I like the new look - it is clean. People who can't search in this day and age are rare and likely can't turn a computer on.

Lisa Pogue said...

I adore your blog and will follow you and will search my heart out for you. The new look doesn't bother me a bit. But then again, I'll follow you no matter what!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Y'all are so sweet! I am just thrilled to know anyone really cares.

I think what I will do is add more labels to my 'cloud'. You can always hunt for chicken, fish, soupers or starters.
Keep the ideas coming!

girasoli said...

Maybe you can do a quick post on instructions for how to find your recipes and label it as such so that those who don't have a clue how to search can find your recipes that way. After a month or so, you could even delete it. There is a search button also at the top of your blog they could use. I am guessing they just need a little nudge on how to find your recipes. I agree that you should set up your blog the way you like it best.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

I like it. Its simple to find!

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