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Monday, May 05, 2014

AntiPasti ~ Eggplant

I have been working on a cookbook for our 'Kitchen Capers'. We will be cutting up in the kitchen, and this is one of my favorite recipes. My goal is not to spend hours in a steamy kitchen ~ instead, we will be cooking fresh and enjoying time with amici.

Fresh grilled Eggplant... a take off on eggplant parmiggiano that is more fresh and Positano-ish.

It is more of a process than a 'recipe'
Grilled Aubergine
2-3 small tender eggplant
sea salt
olive oil
2 fresh tomatoes
fresh Basil
Mozzarella or goat cheese
lemon zest

First, slice the small tender type eggplant, Lay salted slices in a colendar to drain off the excess liquid. (time for a glass of wine on the terrace)

Brush each slice with olive oil and sear on a hot grill. When one side is done, flip and cover with cheese. I've used mozzarella balls here, but will use sliced fresh buffala mozzarella when we are in Positano.

Once the eggplant is tender, and the cheese is softened. . . layer with a fresh tomato slice, basil and lemon zest. Finally, drizzle with your best Italian olive oil.

Now . . . time for another glass of wine on the terrace.

Y'all enjoy ~

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