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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Centerpiece of the Month~ June

Centerpieces for the month of June... I think everyone is in party mode!

We found this while wandering along the Nature Trail. I wonder if she has anymore teacups for us to share?

Cielo at her House in Roses is serving up a romantic tray of roses.

Pat always has something pretty on her Back Porch . This time she sent in Sunshine and lemons... maybe we aught to join her for a glass of lemonade.

At Britt-Arnhild's House In The Woods You can find breakfast for two.

The table at Daisy's Cottage is set for snacking with chips and dip. She has invited us all over for the truth about chips and dip.

My Apples and Oranges and bunches of carnations makes a beautiful cluster arrangement for her centerpiece. Isn't that just beautiful?

Windy Corner is set for the 4th of July! Hurray for the red, white, and blue.
I think she is ready for a party too.
Thank all y'all for sending in your centerpieces. We love seeing what everyone is doing. It looks like this month we are set for a party!
I can't wait to see what y'all have on your tables in July!


Brenda Kula said...

Ah! I love centerpieces! People are so creative!

Andi said...

The centerpieces are all wonderful! I'd better go arrange something festive on my table right now.

Have a Happy 4th!

Carla said...

Lovely centerpieces. I'm going to have to check these out again when I need a little inspiration.

Jade said...

They all look great!

CIELO said...

Love seeing all the pretty centerpieces.... this is such a nice idea; thanks for doing this. It makes our day a happier day...



Ladygrande (Texas Marie) said...

Great inspiration - thanks!

Tonja said...

Hey girl!
Loved catching up with you today. The centerpieces are great as usual. And I love the porch decor..and if you can find anything to do about the heat...let me know. The chocolate dessert sounds divine...but lots of work!

Stay cool!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Brenda~ we always have some great ideas.
Andi~ don't forget to send me a link!
Carla~ come on back every month.
Jade~ where was your's this month?
Cielo~ thanks for sending in a link... it is that simple.
Marie~ we need some bluebells from Texas
Tonja~ glad you stopped by!

Naturegirl said...

Sandy it certainly looks festive and everyone taking advantage of the summer blossoms! Gorgeous wonderful displays and inspiration from everyone!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to post and get us all visiting oneanother! You rock! love and smooches NG xo

Lori Lynn said...

I always enjoy this event post. Thanks Sandi!

PAT said...

Thanks Sandi! I love all the centerpieces!

We're back from the lake for a couple days. Looking forward to a few more days, there, next week.

Have a wonderful week!

Jade said...

Sandi - mine is in there :) Its the one w/ the 5 vases....

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...


Zoey said...

Everyone has such lovely inspirational centerpieces.

I have to go out and pick some fresh flowers to change mine today.

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