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Friday, March 16, 2007

Centerpiece of the Month~ March

Time again for the new centerpiece of the month. Did you see the tabletop inspiration for February? Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes has done a great job of putting the centerpieces together.

Sher looked for a whisper of spring over her oatmeal in 'Whats for Dinner?'. Whaleshaman looked to the garden for some winter flowers to go with her Jelly Pizza. Doodles set her table with peanut butter etoufee and a plate of truffles~ talk about a centerpiece that doesn't last long! The wine makers wife also used truffles and tulips for her Valentine's decor. I found some spring time tulips to fill our table... the strawberries were a nice Valentine touch with a little champagne.

For the month of March, I felt like I needed to celebrate St Patrick's Day. What better than a pot of shamrocks, with napkins in a tartan plaid.

I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with...This is an open invitation! If you have a clever centerpiece, send it on to Janelle. She works the magic.

Thanks Janelle!



Kristen said...

We are an Irish family and I used to have shamrock plants all over the house. I love them! Since having kids, my plants have been given away... I may have to get a new shamrock plant though. I love having them around.

gigi said...

Beautiful table top! I'd show you mine, but it's currently covered with school books!

sher said...

That's perfect!!! I'm going to get one of those plants. It would be beautiful any time of the year, but it makes my Irish genes do a little jig just looking at them! :):)

sandi said...

Sher and Kristen~ these are unbelievably easy to grow and a green shamrock will make you smile every time.
Gigi~ one of your beautiful cupcakes would be centerpiece enough!

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