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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yellow Snow

What is Yellow and covers the south like a blanket of snow?


This time of year, when everything is starting to bloom, Alabama is undoubtedly the most beautiful state in the country. That is... if you can look past the pollen that covers everything. Blue cars look green, sheets on the clothes line take on a golden hue, and water in the bird bath looks like lemonade.

Car salesmen hate it for the mess it makes on the car lot~ this is after one day!
Car wash businesses are busy with over achievers who think they can beat the pollen season. I just plan to wait until we get some rain to wash off my car. Then I'll put the top back and dust the inside as well.

The weathermen are predicting rain this weekend...until then I'll just keep the windows rolled up and the air conditioner on bi-level. Rain Rain come today~ go away another day!

Y'all want to join me?


Jerry said...

Redding and Sonoma California have the same problem. There it's the acacia and eucalyptus trees that do the pollinating though.

(acacia trees look like they're on fire this time of year, with clouds of pollen just blowing off their branches.)

tut-tut said...

Phew, no kidding! Would LOVE some rain here.

Gattina said...

sure I join you... *ka...choooo* that what pollen does to me.

sandi said...

Y'all~ we had some rain today.
The yellow snow is gone.

Kristen said...

Wow - that is a lot of pollen! That would make my allergies crazy as well.
Yay for rain finally!

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