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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Traveling Tuesday ~ and a funny story!

It is time for a Traveling Tuesday . . . on the road again (I wish)
I have plenty of stories to keep me blogging on tuesdays for a while.
While we were in Tuscany, we visited the beautiful Abbazia di Monte Oliveto 
It is the Benedictine monastery that was built in the 1500's. It is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Italy . . . more later on the amazing fresco's that line the cloisters.
This is still a working monastery, with an aging population of monks.

Which leads me to a funny story~~
We had finished our tour of the church and the cloisters. . . we were enjoying the beautiful grounds and saw this elderly monk slowly walking our way.
He seemed to have something clenched in his hand.
He walked straight to our tour guide Antonella and handed her this statue. It appeared to be a 'dancing lady' with a handle (like a pitcher or a vase).
He tells her (in Italian) that this was found in one of the cells and she did not belong at the monastery. When she asked why, he replied that she has breasts.
She certainly did!
We weren't going to take it, but he was going to smash it if we didn't.
So . . . We took her home with us as a travel icon . . . a lucky icon I'm sure.

Y'all enjoy the ride~
*for those of you who played the linky with me . . . you'll notice I no longer have the subscription*
We can still travel together.
Leave a comment and we'll visit!


pam said...

How funny!

Holledayz said...

We will never know the value of that "icon". There may have been more to that story!

Tanna said...

Interesting!! Wonder who brought it into the cells??? Hmmm...

Italy Villa Rentals said...

Nice post. like to read it. Thanks for sharing this here with us.

Anonymous said...

Love that. When we were there last fall we got 'lost' and ended up in the dinging hall as one of the monks was cleaning up after lunch. That was an experience.

It's such a beautiful and peaceful spot . . . neat to have a fun story attached with it. :-)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Of course my first thought was "Jerry would LoVe this".
They were eager to get 'her' out of there!

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