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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving y'all

We are having a wonderful time in London for Thanksgiving.

The suitcase has still not made it... we were to busy to spend the day waiting for the delivery truck.
We went to the most service for Amerians at St Paul's Cathedral in London.
It was a memory that will last a lifetime.The southern pecans are in the lost luggage (I hope customs doesn't look to closely). We went instead to Harrods to find some pecans... the most expensive pecan pie in history! It was yummy for sure.
I am missing the feast at home... y'all save me some leftovers!
Happy Thanksgiving y'all~


Beth said...

Glad you're having a good time! I still have plenty of leftovers....c'mon over and get some :)

Chef E said...

Oh I made so much food and only two of us! Glad you are having fun, cause that's what it all about!

Madeline said...

Hi Sandi, happy to hear you are having a great time! Thanks for your message and a very Happy Thanksgiving (belated) to you too!

Char said...

oh no about the pecans!

glad you're having a great time though

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