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Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Traditions

Do you have holiday traditions that you look forward to and dread at the same time?

Our family has always had the tradition of taking a family photo for the Christmas cards. We can't just go to Olan Mills or use the photo that is in the annual church directory. This picture has to be creative, everyone must be smiling and happy, it helps to have a holiday theme... and most importantly it has to be good of Mom! We have done everything from pulling a sled down the beach while dressed in matching Christmas sweatshirts, to setting the self-timer on the camera and running to pose in front of the tree. As the kids get older and have lives of their own, it gets a little more difficult. We have broadened our time frame and now a 'family photo' that is taken any time within the year when we are all together will work.
The annual Christmas letter is another tradition that has been cut way back. I no longer go into details about trips, surgeries, job changes, or weight changes. I don't send them to a list of hundreds. Friends can now check out the blog for day-to-day updates. And...basically I have realized that our lives are just not that exciting.
Decorating for Christmas is another task I face with a crazed love/hate passion. I do love sitting by the fireplace enjoying the lights of the tree. Bill will agree that there is a period of mania that comes when the boxes first come out of the attic...and again in January~ but I refuse to think about that now.
The real Christmas tradition is the making of Christmas cookies. I don't mean the pretty sprinkled sugar cookies, the fun marshmallow fudge, or even the chunky fruit cookies. These are the cookies that are the obsession of a perfectionist desperate housewife.
And this is the weekend!
Y'all stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

The Christmas Letter and the Christmas Picture are the two things I dread as well. This year, I left the portrait studio in tears after the photographer took 100+ pictures of my three kids and there was only one where they were all looking at the camera. It is just too stressful to me. Granted, my kids are 4, 3 and six months, but still...100+ pictures and only ONE?

I wrote my letter several weeks ago, but am considering not sending it. Besides the new baby, our life just hasn't been that thrilling lately. Maybe I should just put a note to look at our blog for our updates.

I now know why the eggnog is always spiked during the holidays! :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Note to Sandi...
Next year maybe individual christmas letters may not be the best idea.
Did you ever find out who got your sister's letter?

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