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Monday, January 26, 2015


I love the little details that go into making a wedding unique and special.
Brooke's wedding had so many special little details . . . and so many people who made the evening a success.

Happy Bride  . . . toasting her happy groom with a chilled glass of chocolate milk and hamming it up with her niece and nephew, the flower girl and ring bearer.

Love a girl who will wear Toms on her wedding day!

This was such a special day for us . . . we were able to sit back and be proud of the woman Brooke has become. It has been a journey, and she is a blessing to everyone she meets.

Every little detail at Matthews Manor was awesome.

Just imagine this room full of 350+ laughing and dancing people. . . quite the celebration!

This is all trompe l'oeil . . . painted on the wall. Matthews Manor would be a great venue for almost any event.

What ~ What? Even a Krispy Kreme groom's cake. They provided zip-lock bags at the end of the evening if you didn't get your fill.

The Happy couple left under an exciting canopy of 3 foot long sparklers . . . Ready to start their new life in Tennessee.
They will still be wearing their Roll Tide crimson!

Blessings y'all ~


Virginia said...

What a beautiful wedding. Thank you for sharing!

barb cabot said...

A gorgeous wedding down to the tiniest detail. Love the cake topper too! She made a beautiful bride.

Justabeachkat said...

So so beautiful! Congrats to all.


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