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Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 ~ MyPromises

Happy New Year ~
We were lucky enough to ring in the New Year on the Gulf Coast with family.
There is something about knowing that 2014 has been washed away ~ and we have a clean slate for the New Year.

Every year I do a list of my Promises to myself . . . Here is the ongoing list Promises for the Past Six Years
I have given it some thought ~whilst my toes were in the sand. Which is the BeSt place for me to do thinking. I have decided that 2015 needs to be about BALANCE.

My Promises for 2015
* To Balance my work and my life.
* To find Balance on these wonky knees.
* To get a Zero Balance on my Capital One.
* To Balance a baby (or two) on my lap.
* To get my Wedding Cake Toppers to Balance in style.
* To try to Balance on a Kayak.

* To Balance a tray of Limoncello in Positano.
* To Balance my LuLu time ~ in and out of Charlotte's airport.

* To Balance the blog with a smattering of recipes and weekly posts.
* And to continue to Balance with my toes in the sand.

Let me know your Promises for 2015.
Happy New Year y'all ~

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