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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Newest Bestest Restaurant in Orange Beach ~ Fisher's

This is a post that is long overdue ~
Last time we were at the beach I promised a blog post on the newest BEST restaurant in Orange Beach.
This is Fisher's at Orange Beach Marina (go ahead and 'LIKE' their facebook page) This is the creation of Johnny Fisher, who started The Gulf, and moved on to bigger and better things. He brought together the 'dream team' and created a magical place.

The decor is sophisticated chic and bling, with a layer of beachy comfort ~ It is at the Orange Beach Marina.
Every detail is made with attention to style and to comfort. The atmosphere is a beautiful accent to their food.
The food is absolutely Amazing. . . When we were there we had a tasting menu of all the best things on the menu. It was a night I will remember forever! We sat outside overlooking the marina in the Gulf Coast sunset. I won't bore you with photos of every plate we had (Just a few)

This is tasting dish is Fresh Crab Claws Marinated in a Citrus Sherry Vinaigrette and a Bon Secour Oyster Roasted with Leek Butter
Crawfish Beignet with a Pickled Jalapeno Aioli and a Seared Crab Cake with Remolaude and Housemade Pancetta Corn Relish.
Their Tiramisu is made with CornBread Cake and hand rolled Chocolate Straws. . . You can see that Brandi the Pastry Chef paid very close attention to this dish and took photos with her phone.
We know this place is special . . .  because we know the Sous Chef in the kitchen. This is a momma's proud face!
Next time you are on the Gulf Coast ~ make sure you make reservations at Fishers or stop in at Fisher's Dockside.

Y'all enjoy~

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nikinpos said...

The decor looks lovely, would love to see the view too!

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