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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Traveling Tuesdays ~ Let's Go!

We have planned our trip in May of 2012 to Italy! This year we are including the Italian Riveria; Santa Margarita Ligure and the Cinque Terra. We will be there for the annual Sagra del Pesce in Camogli ~ a Huge festival of seafood and vino. This area is full of beautiful coastal villages . . . and best of all, trains will eliminate the cost of a rental car.
In another one week trip, we will also be going back to Tuscany, an area that Gail lives in a part of the year. She loves to share her Italy with friends. Click on the links for more information.
Now let's see where everyone else is taking us this week on our Traveling Tuesday blog hop. (If you copy the code the links will also appear at the bottom of your blog)

Y'all enjoy the ride~


Elz said...

You are going to LOVE the Cinque Terra. One of my favorite places ever, more than 15 years later!

nanny said...

I love traveling tuesdays!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Whoa! I'm sorry for the 3 link ups, Sandi! The Mr Linky link thing kept telling me that there was an error loading the photo so I treid three times. Can you delete two?

When I visited Santa Marie Ligure 10 years ago I stayed in the Regina Elena Hotel. It was so beautiful! It had a rooftop jacuzzi and we had breakfast on a terrace looking at the Bay of Tigullio.

Justabeachkat said...

Cinque Terra is one of my favorite love love that area. Can I go too?


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