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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Y'all know that I spent more than a year as a part of a group called Pomodori e Vino, we cooked and blogged our way through Marcella Hazan's cookbook . . . The Essentials of Italian Cooking. In each recipe we were guided by Marcella's experienced hand, and followed her recipes to a T. My favorite part of the whole challenge was the interaction we had with the Queen of Italian cooking. More than once she called me her talented Southern cook~ Here is my final post on the Pomodori e Vino blog. It was a great experience.
Now . . . What am I getting myself into?
I got the call from my pomodori friends. We have picked up another challenge. This one is built around building recipes.
We are using The Flavor Bible as our guide. Over the next 52 weeks, we will build our own recipes. Every Thursday I will join my friends and post my recipe following the flavors guide. I will do my best to stay true to my 'good home cookin' southern roots. We will blog and post on Facebook.
Join us for the ride.
It should be exciting.
Happy Cooking y'all~


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Sounds fascinating--I'll be following along.

Looking forward to meeting you soon....

Stitchfork said...

Sounds like it's going to be a flavorful ride over the next 52 weeks!
xo Cathy

Justabeachkat said...

Sounds like a great plan. I'll be interested to to see what you come up with.


nanny said...

Looking forward to the flavors!!

Jane said...

I am really looking forward to this. Having been a Marcella fan for years, I loved that effort but had already had favorites there. This will be all new and different. Can't wait! Yep--i'm just a follower not a participant--sorry!

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