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Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Spring

In spite of the terrible pollen, spring is beautiful here.
The cherry trees are blooming in our front yard.
Even the bees know that winter is behind us.
Happy spring y'all!


Char said...

i noticed all the bees in the wisteria today - for some reason I get happy around bees.

nanny said...

Beautiful pictures!! Think you are just a bit ahead of us in Arkansas, can't wait for all of the beauty!

Lisa said...

We are behind here in Missouri, but everyone is soooo very ready to see these pretty gems. I think even including the pollen!!

Anonymous said...

ARGH - did you post this on purpose? LOL

lululu said...

omg, the pix are beautiful!!!

Cindy Ruth said...

Sandi-I was asked to choose 5 bloggers for a "Fabulous Blog Award"and I chose your blog. You can see the link at the following address:

Thanks for such a great blog.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Char~ If jumping and running counts... I get happy too.
Nanny~ You can't be far behind
Lisa~ Ok, Missouri might be a little farther behind.
Jerry~ Y'all are way behind! And yes~ I posted those just for you.
LuLuLu~ I'm glad to see you again! Ilove your little picture.
Cindy~ I love being fabulous!!!! thank you.

Chef E said...

It was so sunny and pretty I took my bike out and blogged about it! Had teh windows and doors all open, it is still a bit chilly in the NE, but I love it! Thanks for posting the beautiful flowers!

Sally said...

Ugh...if you say so. The snow just missed us last night, but the rain and bitter cold wind didn't. It's 32 degrees right now with a wind chill of 19. Even the pretty pictures can't help my mood right now. :(

Leigh of said...

Happy Spring! And I am sure that this rain will wash all the pollen away and only make things prettier. I love how green and fresh, renewed the world looks after a rain.
HAppy Spring, Sandie!

PS I just love bees.

Palma said...

Beautiful spring shots! Looks very inviting!

cookingwithdadtv said...

Those pictures are great, I live in Massachusetts so the only blossoms we have right now are the daffodils & crocus. Can't wait for the spring.
You must be in the south. What state are you in?
Great recipes too..

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