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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love Bug Season

It is love bug season in Florida.
These pesky critters are everywhere. Apparently September is the season of Love. ~Unfortunate for those who were flying near the interstate. Just look at this picture of the front of our car. It was a mess.
This brings up a question for me... why are they called love bugs?

Does this look like love to you?

One bug leads and the other just blindly follows... I thought that there was something wrong with that picture.
Then I googled 'love bug' (be careful googling things like that). I found that the larger bug is the female and the male joins on and just follows where she goes.

This is more of my idea~

Happy Fall y'all!


Sally said...

Yuck! I think a bug screen is in order for that car. And, I see what you mean about google-ing "love bug". Hee!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yuck...I'm no bug fan at all - lol. I know - to be as big and tall as I am I shouldn't be afraid of bugs, right? Well, I it's our little secret - lol.


artgirlATL said...

That's exactly what the grill of our rental car looked like when we returned it this past Saturday. And they kept getting in my hair when we made potty stops.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Gross! I hate thsoe things! We have them here too but not as bad as FL, thank goodness!

Brad'll Do It said...

At least the love bugs were on a VW (subtle reference to the eponymous movie), and not on a shiny new laptop enjoying its first trip to the Gulf Coast, with its mistress, herself enjoying a LOT of smoked tuna dip. What great blog posts Sandy. I'm startin' to think y'all like it there.

lululu said...

It just made me laugh how you described the female and the male bugs!!! :D

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Sally~ have you been googling too?
DaruisT~ Good thing you don't live in the south!
Atlanta Girl~ I'll have to check and see where you've been. I'm sure you took your blog with you.
Carolyn~ I haven't seen them this bad in years.
Brad~ I can't wait to see your posts from Italy!!!
LuLuLu~ It's the gospel.

windycorner said...

I've heard some people use Coke to get the bugs off, just rinse it quickly or you'll be attracting yellow jackets!
That beach trip looks like heaven.

Kristie said...

I believe this has been the worst year ever. They get in my house, car, hair...they are every where. And, I hate having to clean the car after a long trip.
Thanks for sharing that about the male/female thing....I always wondered!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Holley~ swapping love bugs for yellow jackets is not a good deal in my book!
Kristie~ I wondered too. That will make a great conversation starter at the next neighborhood block party.

Lisa said...

Ha, I don't call them love bugs either. It's heck to get them cleaned off of an already clean car too. I may try the coke fix next time, but beware of the yellow jackets, it's still worth a try.

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