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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Orange Mint Tea

Have you ever made Sun tea? It is a way of using the heat of the sun to brew a perfect pitcher of tea. We did this a lot in the hot Oklahoma sun... and it works just as well in hot and humid Alabama. A large glass jar with a lid
2 quart sized tea bags
1/2 cup sugar
Fill the jar with tap water add family sized tea bags. Set in a sunny location for 1 hour. The tea will be ready when it reaches the perfect color. Add sugar and stir well until the sugar is dissolved.

Orange Mint Tea

Add fresh mint leaves and slices of orange to a tall glass. Mix, smishing oranges and mint leaves (I think the official term for this is muddle) Add crushed ice and sweet tea.

Now take your glass of sweet tea out on the porch and enjoy it while sitting in the shade of a magnolia.

(Close your eyes silly!)

Can y'all taste it?



lululu said...

What a "green" way to make tea! :D
Go Green Go!!!

ally said...

My eyes are closed and I can taste your tea! It is so good!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Sandi, please visit my blog, I have tagged you today!


Carla said...

I've tried sun tea a few times, but I think it probably doesn't get quite as warm or hot here. I love the idea of the mint and oranges though. It looks so refreshing.

PAT said...

Yes, I've made many jars of Sun Tea.:-)

The orange mint combination sounds delicious!

Back Porch Musings

Renee said...

That sounds so goood

"Early Bird" said...

My son brought home a box of cold brew tea bags...they are new from Lipton I guess...I have yet to try them but you know youngin's want to try ever new thing that comes down the!
That tea with orange and mint sounds mighty good!

tut-tut said...

My magnolia needs some rain!

sandi said...

LuLu~ I wonder if that what the new fav 'green tea' is? =D
Ally~ Can you smell the magnolias too?
MrsNesbitt~ Mercy!
Carla~ You may have to stick to the old fashioned method.
Pat~ I bet you have made some sun tea on your back porch.
Renee~ You may need some tea with your new golf lessons.
Early bird~ Let me know how your tea tastes.
Tutty~ Don't we all!!

justabeachkat said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. You're always welcome. Come again.

I enjoyed my visit here with you. I used to make sun tea, but haven't in awhile. But I do remember how fun it was to make and how yummy it was. Gotta try it again soon.

Love your blog. I'll be back.


Kristen said...

We make sun tea all the time in the summer. I'm a plain Jane tea girl though. Flavored tea just isn't my thing...HOWEVER, if I were a flavored iced tea girl I bet I'd love orange and mint together. I've had that combo in hot tea before and loved it!

Renee said...

I think your right about the glass of sweet tea after some golf. And a nice big fan on the deck too.

MorningSong said...

Thanks for stopping in for a visit! I have always wanted to try the Whistletop Cafe. That has been on my list of restaurants I want to try - I have to find where it is first. :) I will be back for a visit in the future neighbor, and I will also try the other restaurant you recommended. Have a great day!

Your post makes me miss my Magnolia tree we had in La.

Susan said...

Oh, yes, indeed, I have made sun tea--when I lived in North Carolina! Surprised? I'd just love a glass of yours with the orange and mint; it sounds so refreshing.

Southern Heart said...

My parents used to make sun tea a lot...I need to try that. And, that orange-mint combintation sounds delicious!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

xo, Andrea

Kelly-Jane said...

That sounds really yummy, will have to give that a go :)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

YUM! We LOVE sun tea and make it often. Hubby loves orange and I bet he'll LOVE this recipe! Thank you!!!

I am officially a Whistlestop food addict. Actually my oldest son and I are. Between the two of us we've nearly finished a bottle of the french fry (popcorn!) seasoning! We're doing the fried green tomatoes soon, too! =)

sher said...

I should do that here. We are having very hot weather now--perfect for sun tea. Thanks for reminding me!

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a great idea.

I am not sure if the sun here in Norway is hot enough though.....

Lydia said...

I haven't made sun tea in years (why not??), but I've got a ton of mint coming up in my garden now, so thanks for reminding me how easy and delicious sun tea can be.

The TriniGourmet said...

what an interesting technique. i'm sure it would work here in trinidad too... will give it a try! :D

Suziq said...

Thank you, I will try this when the sun comes out again, it is winter here in New Zealand, :)

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