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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Centerpiece of the Month~ June

Here we go again with the centerpiece of the month club~ courtesy of Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes. Last month we didn't have many table tops to show off. We had a festive bucket of candles from Switzerland where Myriam writes Once Upon a Tart. Joy offered a beautiful vintage pitcher for a Spot of Tea.

I am hoping that this month we can find a few new ideas. It is always fun to see what is inspiring folks.
My inspiration this month was the summery sunflowers, mixed with the ocean blue of iris. It was perfect for my bright sunroom. I spend a lot of time in this room on the laptop (wonder why?) It has a wall full of windows~ and air conditioning with a ceiling fan. The only way to spend a hot Alabama summer afternoon! My Slow Travel friends Palma & Brad are off to search for sunflowers in Tuscany. Sounds like an excuse to me... you can get them at Costo!

For those of you have been wondering, the upside down tomatoes are still alive. I haven't actually gotten any big tomatoes yet ~ just a handful of cherry maters. I will say~ they do need a lot of water everyday. I guess a buckets won't hold as much moisture as god's good earth!

So... what is in the center of your table?

Y'all send them to Janelle!



annulla said...

Oh, gosh. Right now, in the center of my table is a lazy gray cat. Sunlight comes through the window only in the morning, only for a very short while, and - as the cat discovered - the center of the table is the best place to catch those elusive rays.

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog and I love it!!! I'm from Irondale myself but live in Pell City now.You have a new reader in me!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I was trying to remember who was doing that centerpiece thing!
Darla is talking sunflowers today too

see you there! said...

Shabby sent me! Your pretty sunflowers are in a vase, meanwhile mine are just in my mind so far. I'm going to the produce market later and I'll see if I can find a bunch to bring home.

Sunflowers just say summer all the way.


Gumbo Lily said...

Hey Sandi, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I had to come see your upside-down-tomatoes. I've heard of it, but never tried it myself. Good luck!
Love the bouquet -- I'm a sunflower girl.


PAT said...

I had a plan, for a centerpiece. Unfortunately my garden has another idea. Perhaps next month!

Love your sunflowers!

Back Porch Musings

sandi said...

Annulla~ I would love a centerpiece photo of that~ puuurrfect
Pell City~ You are welcome anytime!
Shabby~ This is your reminder
Darla~ I visited you right back...that shabby is such a party girl.
Jody~ we'll see who gets the bigger boys
Oh Pat~ I'd bet you have something on your table right now!

Rhoda said...

Hey, Sandi! Pretty, pretty flowers. I have some in the center of my table too...some blue & pink alstroemeria that my hubby bought me for our anniversary.

YES! You can definitely paint that shiny brass. I've painted a lot of that stuff. Prime it first with a metal primer, then tape off & spray with Satin black spray paint. it works wonders. I also do a bronze finish over the top of the black too which really looks like the real thing. Just add some rusty craft paint on top & a little bronze craft paint & it looks great.

Southern Hospitality

ally said...

Love the blue and yellow together! Must remember that combo!

nel said...

Just love your put a smile on my face:-) My table centrepiece is a little boring at the moment...candle and a plate. It's freezing cold winter here and a candle kinda warms the place up a little. Nice to drop by...Nel

Southern Heart said...

Sandi, I love that centerpiece! Lovely colors---a great combination. I'm painting my DR, so plates (from the wall) and books are taking up my table right now.

I finally did my Southern Thangs list :) This week has gotten away from me. I hope you're having a good one!



Sue said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Love your centerpiece! I fooled around with mine today but don't like the results,especially since my garden is between blooming, so off to Costco I go tomorrow. Off to browse your blog!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Hi Sandi, thanks for stopping by the blog. You'll have to post a picture of your bunny blanket when your finished with it...I would love to see it. Right now I have three green bunny rabbits sitting on the middle of my table!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Orange and blue - always a great combination.......

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Sunflowers and iris, a perfect combo. Very beautiful.

justabeachkat said...

Beautiful! Flowers make me happy and smile.

Mallow said...

Hi Sandi! I have been trying to check the talk of tomatoes site so I can do the centerpiece of the month, and it won't come up on my computer! This has been going on all month. Any insights?

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Mallow~ I don't know? It is looking funny. Email That's where I sent my link.
I do know that she's been moving. I wouldn't be able to find my lap top...much less use it!

Joy T. said...

Every time I see an Iris it reminds me of my wedding day 21 years ago. They were the flowers I chose :o) And sunflowers! Oh how I love sunflowers. They just remind of a flower that is smiling all the time. Beautiful centerpiece and I also have to add how much I love the white wicker. It's always so bright and cheery to me.

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