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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tie Dyed Eggs

Easter is a special time of year. It brings back so many wonderful memories. It is a time of family, church, and traditions. Growing up we always dyed eggs, the smell of vinegar to this day reminds me of those precious memories. We usually used the paas dye kits, sometimes even got the ones that came with stickers! It was always a mess, and I don't know that we ever had a year without at least one broken egg disaster.

The kids are grown...and no one has called mom to say 'let's dye some Easter eggs this weekend'. So I was thinking about doing it myself- for the sake of the blog. Then I saw Martha Stewart using old silk ties to color her eggs. Perfect! Bill has some ties that I really wanted gone...

Unfortunately, Bill didn't share my excitement about using his ties. Instead I raided the fabric box and found a colorful piece of cloth. Martha shows how to dye her Easter eggs with silk ties here.

Basically, I took the eggs and a square of fabric, then wrapped them with a rubber band into little bundles. I gently placed them in a pot of water with 3 Tbs vinegar. I boiled the eggs for 30 minutes, then allowed them to cool.

Taa~ Daa

It actually worked! The bundles even helped keep the eggs from breaking. I would advise you to watch the video and follow Martha's directions a little more closely. I think my problem was that I used a cotton/poly fabric... if I only could have gotten to those ties!
Y'all give it a try.


Mary said...

Hello Sandi - thanks for visiting me. Lucky you with a trip to Tuscany booked - it really is a magical place and I'm anxious to return some day soon.
These eggs are pretty - my dh has far too many ties so I must whisk a few from under his nose and try this over the weekend!
Oh dear - now I see so many interesting cooking/food blogs listed on your site. I'm already trying to keep up with many decorating, art and UK ones - do I dare add cooking? I love to cook -especially Mediterranean/vegetarian.
Enjoy the weekend and do visit me again.
Fondly, Mary.

Kristen said...

You (and Martha) are brilliant! I have eggs that need dyed... I guess I'd better get on that soon!

Baking Soda said...

Same here...older kids (as in 10, 10 and 13 yrs "old") wrinkle their nose on egg coloring...but wait till they see this method! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Sandi said...

Mary~ Thanks for the note. You are welcome to come sit in my kitchen anytime.
Kristen~ Obviously Martha is more brilliant (and a little more successful)
Baking Soda~ Half the fun would be cutting up dad's dreadful ties!

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