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Friday, April 20, 2007


There is nothing like a 'real' tomato. I don't mean the pretty perfect tomatoes that you can buy at the local grocery... I mean the ones that you find at the local market. Or better yet, the tomato that you pick off of the vine that is growing in your own back yard. They taste like a tomato is s'posed to taste!

We aren't ready to pick just yet...but this is the about the time to be getting those tomatoes in the ground. So after I finish my BLT, Bill and I are headed out to buy some tomato plants.

I might try growing tomatoes upside down this year. It seems like the perfect idea to me...No weeding, no bugs (ok, less bugs), and no fat green worms. Hammacher Schlemmer makes it simple...but a little more expensive than the hole in the bucket idea.

This year I'm going to try my hand with some heirloom tomatoes. I love them with basil and mozzarella. I'll also get some Better Boys- I'm not sure why but that is what we always plant. They are great for our Fried Green Tomatoes, or a tomato sandwich. One bush of cherry tomatoes will keep us in salads all summer.

I don't start my tomatoes from seed (way to impatient for that!). I will run to the local market and buy a tray... and another tray for my neighbor. That way if I give up on mine there will be some right next door. There is nothing better than sharing tomatoes with friends.

Y'all got any to share?


PAT said...

Sandi!! I love a good BLT and always anticipate finding "real" tomatoes. Yes, that's what our family calls them, also! Just like "real" cucumbers. When we can get "real" cucumbers, I mix up a batch of cumcumbers and onions! They're great with those wonderful BLT's!!

I love today's post. Sure wish I had some of those good tomatoes! We'd have BLT's for supper!

Back Porch Musings

"Early Bird" said...

Well...I had planned taco's for supper but now I'm wanting a BLT...but not just any...I want a real 'mater on it...teehee!!
I'm gonna try to grow some this year!!

Rhoda said...

Sandi, I cannot wait for the first tomatoes of the season. My hubby just got ours in the ground about a week ago & we are patiently (or maybe not!) watching them grow & anticipating the first 'mater sandwich of the year. I absolutely LOVE BLT's...and have them plenty in the summer. I grew up with gardening parents & we've always, always had fresh tomatoes from the garden my whole life, so I'm really spoiled with the homegrown ones. I've never tasted any in the store or farmer's market that could compare.

I added some dill, chives, & parsley this year to our bed to go along with the basil & rosemary we had in there last year. I should be all set now!

You are gettin' me in the mood, girl!

Southern Hospitality

C. Whitlock Nolan said...

Arent they great!? I am participating in community supported agriculture this summer and I absolutely cant wait to get fresh vegs!!

Southern Heart said...

I know what I'm going to have to eat tomorrow...this post really got me in the mood, and "the boys" love BLTs.

The past few years have been more hectic than some, and haven't grown any tomatoes during that time. I should revisit the gardening-to-eat concept. Nothing tastes better!

What a fun post!


tut-tut said...

A local restaurant here "kicks it up" (to borrow part of a phrase) by adding some crumbled bleu cheese to the mayo. But the traditional one is great. Also American cheese, mayo, and tomatoes on squishy white bread. Divine.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'd better get out there and plant some come to think of it!!!

Cheryl said...

You need to come and visit me. You want a real tomato then you need to try a jersey tomato. We make them plump and juicy here.

BLT's are just one of the best sandwiches. And I love, love, love tomatoes with basil and mozzarella with just a hit of olive oil.

Kristen said...

I love homegrown tomatoes fresh from the garden. I love that upside down planter. Very cool!

Carla said...

There's nothing like fresh summer tomatoes right off the vine. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Lucky for me my Dad is a master tomato grower. I will post pictures later in the summer and we can then compare varieties. And yes, not much beats a good BLT.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh my gosh, how I LOVE blt's!!! My favorite sandwich of all time!

In the summer months, I slice up tomatoes and add a little crumbled feta, balsamic vinegar, basil... that'll be my lunch AND supper! =) Of course this year we will have our Fried Green Tomatoes batter!

Gattina said...

thanks for the up-side-down idea, I will seriously think about getting one!

Lana said...

Ummmm! Now I want a blt, too, lol! My brother-in-law sews seeds every year and we get plants from him... big German pinks.... perfect for a blt. These have been in his family for at least 30 years that I know of and I'm sure much longer, since his dad saved seeds and sewed them years before that. Thanks for all the delicious recipes and photos you share with us.

Rob "Upside Down" Wilson said...

Did you try growing tomatoes upside down? If you did I would love to know how you got on?

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