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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Limoncello Cheesecake

Kristen at Dine&Dish reminded me that May 16 is LiveStrong Day. Winos & Foodies is hosting a Taste of Yellow blogging event in a foodie effort to raise awareness of LiveStrong Day.

This has been recognised as an official Lance Armstrong event.
LIVESTRONG Day is the Lance Armstrong Foundation's (LAF) grassroots advocacy initiative to unify people affected by cancer and to raise awareness about cancer survivorship issues on a national level and in local communities across the country. LIVESTRONG Day 2007 will occur on Wednesday, May 16th.

The McMichael family has been touched by cancer, and we are not alone in this. I don't think there are many families who have not. Cancer survivors know the true meaning of LiveStrong. We are learning day by day to Live Strong.

It is a small thing to do, but if one little blog can make a difference, we'll give it a try. I thought long and hard about what to post for something yellow. While we were at our friends home in Brevard, Linda had some homemade Limoncello, Yummy! I have a bottle in the freezer from our last trip to Italy... I need to use that up so I can make some of my own.

This is a limoncello cheesecake that is adapted from a basic cheesecake recipe from the cream cheese people themselves.

Limoncello Cheesecake

1 cup gingersnaps
3 Tbs sugar
3 Tbs butter, melted
3 pkgs cream cheese
1 cup sugar
2 Tbs limoncello
1 Tbs lemon zest
1/2 tsp vanilla
3 eggs
1 egg white
3/4 cup sugar
2 Tbs cornstarch
1/2 cup water
3 Tbs limoncello
1 egg yolk
Mix crumbled cookies, sugar and melted butter. Press into a greased springform pan. Bake @ 325° for 10 minutes.

Mix all ingredients, except eggs, at a low speed just until blended. Add all eggs individually, mixing on low until blended. Pour onto crust. Tap to remove air bubbles. Bake at 300° for 55-60 minutes until center is just set. Cool in the oven for another hour. Run a knife around the edge to loosen before removing pan. Cool in the fridge 4 hours.

Mix sugar and cornstarch in a small sauce pan, add liquids slowly. Bring to a slow boil and stir until thickened. To incorporate the egg yolk, first stir a tablespoon of the hot liquid into the yolk- then add to the lemon mixture. Stir and heat until jellied. Cool before pouring over cheesecake.

I hope that you will find a way to support LiveStrong Day in your community. If the Web is your 'community' than you can DONATE here.
Y'all LiveStrong!


PAT said...

What a wonderful idea, Sandi!

The cheesecake looks yummy!

Back Porch Musings

Barbara said...

I love limoncello Sandi. We don't have abottle in the freezer at the moment but I'm planning on making our next bottle. Thank you for your support with such a wonderful yellow cheesecake.

Rhoda said...

Sandi, the cheesecake looks wonderful. I'm posting a cheesecake recipe on Monday, so we'll have to compare notes.

Southern Hospitality

Kristen said...

That looks and sounds delicious.
Congrats on being a survivor!

Cheryl said...

Oh how lovely, both the color and the look of it. Makes me want to grab a fork. Beautifully done.

sandi said...

Pat~ thanks for visiting my back porch.
Barbara~ we need to share our recipes for limoncello.
Rhoda~ I will check it out.
Kristen~ Thanks for the visit!
Cheryl~ in this case it is as good as it looks- would you like some coffee with yours?

JB said...

Sandi. I love limoncello - I am most definitely going to make this cheesecake. Maybe for CB'S birthday next week.

Have you ever made your own limoncello? I'm thinking of trying to this summer.

"Early Bird" said...

I've never had this but I love anything "lemon" so I know I would love it!
Great way to support the fight against cancer...I have buttons in my side is cancer awareness and one helps fund mammograms for those that can't afford one.

Sher said...

Oh man!! That looks so darn good!!

Brilynn said...

I'm all about adding alcohol to baking, looks great!

Southern Heart said...

Oh yum! My two favorite flavors together!

That is a great cause, too! Wonderful post!


Carla said...

What a great cause, and as usual, your recipe looks fantastic.

Elle said...

That is a very strong yellow Sandi and a great recipe. Love the photos, too.

sandi said...

JB~ I haven't made limoncello... but it is on my list.
Birdy~ I go to the free mammogram site all the time. I hope it helps.
Sher~ want a slice?
Brilynn~ What is that saying? 2 for the pot, 1 for the cook?
Andrea & Carla~ thanks for stopping in!
Elle~ 'Strong' is what it's all about!

the wine makers wife said...

Oh my goodness!! My friend and I have been wanting to make this for sooo long. It sounds amazing!!!!

Helene said...

Great recipe Limoncello does make things way better!

Pille said...

I'm really upset now for not picking up that bottle of limoncello in Italy on the skiing trip. The limoncello cheesecake sounds so naughty and delicious!!

Ms Adventures in Italy said...

I'm lucky, I have a closer supply of limoncello, but that looks great and I'll try it!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Here it is a year later and I had to get my Limoncello Cheesecake recipe. Blogging is great!
My recipe is right here.

disa said...

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