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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Pamper Project

While our new Grandbaby was here, we went into full mode 'pampering'. I don't know who enjoyed it most . . . Mom, Hope, or LuLu!
(I do think that I enjoyed it most of all ~ it's nice to do the pampering once in a while)

We had a little baby shower ~The Pamper Project~ and had a lot of fun with the food and decorations. Y'all just have to see these precious cookies!

I used my favorite Butter Cookie Recipe ~ we have used this one for years and they make perfect cookies everytime! You roll out the dough and use your cookie cutter to make whatever shape you want.
We wanted babies!
So we cut the cookies out into perfect circles. I mixed red and yellow to make a peach color icing for the faces. A round dot for the pacifier (with a little pink candy for the paci handle) A little hair and a couple of eyes. . . can you see it?
Then we took cup cake wrappers and cut a V out. They fit perfectly around the head for a little baby bonnet. We stuck them with a dab of icing. They looked so cute ~
~ and tasted even better!
Y'all enjoy~


A Tale of Two Cities said...

You are so, so clever--they turned out so cute!

Mari said...

Those are adorable! They would be perfect for a baby shower.

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