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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travel Tuesday ~ Just Beachin'

For my traveling Tuesday... I think I'm going to do some beachin' (it's been that kind of week)
and what a better place to relax than the FloraBama . . .
 and if you doubt, they even have their own Wikipedia Page  
It is nothing fancy, but a national landmark just the same.
In fact, a hurricaine rarely does any damage that can't be repaired in a weekend.
A funny BUT TRUE story.
Several years ago I was there with friends on a random, middle of the winter evening.
The place was empty, except for a ragged looking singer with a guitar. He was singing all kinds of Jimmy Buffet songs.
We were powered by youth and bushwackers . . . we danced and heckled him all night. He would come right back with a wise crack and another song.
HOURs later he packed it up . . . and the bartender brought us another round of drinks comliments of the musician.
Who was in fact ~
Jimmy Buffett

I of course take total credit for his resurgence in the 1990's... If it hadn't been for us, he might have been happy playing his guitar at the FloraBama for the rest of his life.
Who wouldn't be?


Holledayz said...

Tell it again, Tell it again! I just love that story!

walkingtours said...

very excited...
i like it.. :D

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