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Saturday, March 15, 2014

PhotoHunt ~Deluxe~

The PhotoHunt today is Deluxe
Which makes me think that I am in need of a Deluxe Pedicure. . . But maybe Not in the toe-scum eating fish tanks.
Instead I will just flip-flop over to 'Deluxe Nails'
Check for all the other Deluxe Photos on The Saturday PhotoHunt
Happy Hunting y'all~


Sandi McBride said...

love the polish...have my nails done with a 4 leaf clover to honor St Paddy's don't come see me no more...missed you of late...


Carver said...

Very colorful array of polish. I think if I went for a pedicure the technician would run out screaming. The last time I went was with a friend as part of our 50th birthday deluxe treatment but that was 6 years ago. Maybe for my 60th then they will really run out screaming.

Aiyah Nonya said...

Wow !! That is a huge selection of colours here. Deluxe indeed. ;)

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