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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Snowcation

It is not often that we get snow in Alabama . . . and when we do it is pretty. This last snowpocalypse was a surprise, we weren't supposed to get any.
James Spann, the weather mann, didn't have his sleeves rolled up for this one.
So neither did we.
It came down fast and furious. . .
Beautiful ~
Everyone likes a snow day
Until . . . the ice shuts every thing down and hundreds of people and their cars are stranded. What is normally a 5 mintue drive took hours.
We spent the evening watching redneck trucks slide backwards down the hill by our house. Check the US Mail truck... your thank-you card might be a little bit late.
We are just going to stay at home and enjoy a pot of Brunswick Stew and a fire in the fireplace.
Who doesn't love a Snowcation?

Y'all enjoy,

1 comment:

Justabeachkat said...

It's been something hasn't it? Never thought I'd see it here on the beach. Craziness!


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