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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Daylight Saving Time

This is the biggest misnomer of all time. In the fall this change of the clocks is 'Daylight Wasting Time'. The evenings are getting shorter as it is, and tonight we loose another hour.
We can look forward to driving home from work with headlights on. Kids will be getting off the school buses at dusk. We will be feeling the need to start dinner at 4 in the afternoon. No more hide and seek, or kick the can in the streets- it will be dark so much earlier. How can just one hour make such a difference?
If it would only work the other way, we would be more invigorated to get up at 5 am, with the roosters. I tend to be an early riser anyway; but I'd bet most people won't be getting up an hour earlier to see the sun rise.

Time to turn those clocks back!

By Y'all!


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