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Saturday, August 09, 2014

PhotoHunt ~ Lacy

My photos for 'Lacy' come from our day at the Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm . . . Where pretty lacy patterns are knitted with the yarn made from Cashmere Goats
Nora Kravis is the owner/goat farmer/ inn keeper/ beauty and brains behing the place.

The 'fur' of these special goats is combed, cleaned and then that fiber is spun into cashmere threads. Local Tuscan women do the knitting and create the Lacy patterns.

This is such a happy place ~ even the puppies look like they could contribute a little to the pile of fibers.

Nora also has a villa for rent . . . if you ever wanted to wake to the sound of goats and watch Tuscan sunsets ~ Sounds like paradise.

Check for all the other Lacy Photos on The Saturday PhotoHunt
Happy Hunting y'all~


Cathy Keisha said...

My best furrend, Pricilla is a goat. She doesn’t make cashmere though. she makes soap. I axed the same question: who comes up with these words. I came up with something for curse.

Marcy said...

Beautiful lace!! and interesting farm :)

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