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Saturday, July 13, 2013

PhotoHunt ~ Flamboyant

The PhotoHunt for today is Flamboyant
I thought of the murals painted by 'il Sodoma' Giovanni Bazzi at the Monestary Monte Oliveto in 1498. He was quite the flamboyant artist . . . as depicted in this self portrait.

The 17 murals tell the story of St. Benedict, and the building of the monestary from a dream.
With each mural there is another story of how he was in a constant battle with the church for his payment (yes . . . even in the 15th century) In the painting above, you only see two hands in a group of 12 men . . . he was paid for painting the faces.

The painting below shows the rectory at the monestary, one friar is stealing bread from the plate of another and a fighting black cat and mangy dog.

Look closely at the panels between the huge frescos . . . they are filled with elaborate cartoons of devils, angels, and Sodoma's favorite pets.
He is one of my favorite Italian artists ~ 'Flamboyant' . . . Especially from the 15th century.

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Happy Hunting y'all~


Carver said...

The murals are fantastic and you photographed them well. Happy Weekend.

Mar said...

Fascinating flamboyant!


Loved your flamboyant pictures. Your photography was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

JDeQ said...

Those are my favourite frescoes in Italy. I never get tired of visiting them!Can't wait to see them again next June.

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