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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Y'all know when I was in Italy last month, I had a chance to spend some time with my watercolors, making art(ish). I finally got my paintings framed~ and I think they look perfect in my kitchen. I am not an artist~ but with Liz's help, I created art! A part of our week with Gail's Great Escape are art lessons with Liz Cochrane . Last year I posted about our lesson's with Liz. She is a well know artist in the Montisi area, and we are lucky to have her spend time with us. Her patience and calming influence are just what we needed to try our hands with watercolors. She guides us with careful suggestions... and is always right! Her sense of humor is delightful, and helps keep everyone at ease. Her stories of being British in a small Italian village are always fun. I am almost embarrassed to show them... My artwork is no reflection of Liz's talents.
It IS a reflection of my warm memories!

Now I have these little paintings to remind me of my time in the kitchen in Montisi. I smile every time I glance that way... That is a better souvenir than anything I could have bought at the Uffizi.

Thanks Liz, mi amici.

Ciao y'all!


Janice said...

Fabulous, Sandi. I hope some of my folks want to do a class with Liz next year - I know I do.

Elizabeth said...

They are so pretty! I'm sure you had a great time while in Italy...I'm jealous ;)

Chef E said...

Those are so darn cute, and how fun...Italy was a great trip for us too! We did culinary tours on ours...and I brought home lots and lots of gifts from chefs along the way...still eating risotto!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Awww, Sandi, I love your little paintings. I'm quite sure mine would look nothing like that. You did good!

Hey, I have a necklace that I got yardsaling that needs restringing. Do you think you could help a girl out??

the ungourmet said...

I think they are just wonderful!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

You better beleive it, bc those come with great memories and sentimentality! LOVE it and I think they are great!

Tina- said...

what a great time it looks like you had! and those pictures for your wall are so adorable.
if you get a chance I'd like to invite you over to my blog for my 500th post giveaway.

nanny said...

I think they are great and look so good together!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Janice~ It will be one of the highlights of your trip.
Elizabeth~ You KNOW I had a great time.
E~ I have done a couple of cooking classes... my favorite shopping trip was to the coop.
Rhoda~ Sure! Save your beads and I'll gix it. Maybe we can swap for a little decorating tips.
Ungourmet &Leigh~ They are still lifes of some of my kitchen 'things'. Wonderful memories!
Tina~ I'll be right over.
Nanny~ It was a major decision to go up and down or sideways...glad you like it!

Olga said...

oh I think those are absolutely adorable! and even more important, you have great memories!!!

katiez said...

How wonderful!
I went on an 'artist week' a few years ago... If only I had the time now.....

Anonymous said...

Shush! you're one of the most talented people we know. Stop being so bashful. You did good Sandi!

Elizabeth is such a talent isn't she? One of these days I will have to frame and haneg the painting of Montisi that we bought from her.

girasoli said...

Sandi, I really love your paintings! I would love to have your talent. Even with classes, mine would be hopeless looking. How great to have such wonderful memories hanging on your wall.

(still trying to catch up on blogs since returning from Italy/starting school again)

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